Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Suitcase Full of Stars

Another Livelooping festival, this time in beautiful Florence ...

Some of you might remember the sentence "my god, it's full of stars". Another situation, but one could also say this about my new suitcase that I had to buy because the airline that calls itself "Easyjet" allows for only one piece of cabin baggage. For me as a travelling livelooper (well, occasionally), this is a bad restriction: I need to carry the laptop in one hand and the small Hohner G2 guitar in the other hand. I wouldn't check in any of those two of course, and to put the laptop into my suitcase didn't feel so safe. The solution for this was finally to get a large new dark blue suitcase that could contain not only my toothbrush and t-shirts but also the guitar, squeezed in diagonally. And to be able to recognize it at the baggage claim, I put lots of little fluorescent stars on it, on all sides. It looks really nice, and they glow in the dark!

Massimo Liverani the hero had organized the 4th International Livelooping Festival in Florence. And as if that wasn't enough, he also housed us, fed us, drove us, and showed us around the town.

Among the liveloopers I met in Florence: Gareth Whittock, and his wife Emma, from Bristol ...

Willie Oteri and Dave Laczko (WD-41, and I know the secret story behind this name now) from Austin, Texas ...

Fabio Anile from Rome, with his friend Michaela ...

Rainer Straschill from Munich with Michéle ...

Enrico Coniglio from Venice (right) who turned out to share some unusual passions with me (such as, wandering around with binaural microphones, or dipping a hydrophone into the sea and listening to fish) ...

We walked around the old city after midnight ... Roman statues, old bridges, cafes that were the birthplace of the futurist movement, and of course breathtaking buildings ...

We drove up a hill to take the tourist look over the valley of Florence ... the city and the area of Tuscany are amazingly beautiful, I want to come back and spend a vacation here!

The venue was an open air stage in a beautiful park. It was very warm, and families and kids were all around until very late.

My set was the last one on this day. I replaced Randolf Arriola from Singapur who couldn't come.

My set had some weak moments, but all in all, I was very happy with how it developed, and I felt that this gig had been a significant step. Too bad my long pants had disintegrated unexpectedly the day before, I look a bit sloppy with my short pants, but it works if one closes one's eyes and just listens to the music :)

The Sunday after the Saturday before. Massimo and his wife fed us with pasta, and we all sat together in a small garden under a fig tree, eating and having coffee and talking.

After this, most of the tired loopers went to bed again, while Fabio, Michaela and me set off to Rome for the next adventure. Fabio had invited me to stay with him for a few days, to make music together. Because he had to work early on Monday, we missed the second day of the festival. Too bad but the first day had already been very enjoyable, with very nice sets of Giovanni Lami, Enrico Coniglio, Fabio Anile, and Rainer Straschill. (And me.)


  1. >Micheal, your gig sounds great on this video clip! I love that sci fi vibe in the beginning. Your music is like your new bag; *full with stars*

  2. Thank you Michael! your gig was amazing and your photos are great and I'm a little moved and feelings like 'nostalghia' for that time spent with you all. Live Looping movement is full of creative, talented and very kind people.

  3. PS: The previus comment is mine! ;-)
    Massimo Liverani

  4. a warm italian night - wonderful music - must have been beautiful there!
    very good performance, very interesting, congrats...
    andi mathoy

  5. It was indeed magical and your blog put us right back there for a moment. Bravo! Your set was excellent BTW.

  6. Ahhhh, you make this event really come to life. I can feel the breeze in the park as you played and smell the pasta in Massimo's little garden heart warms to the sight of Gareth and Rainer and Fabio and Max and Enrico and and and.............beautifully evocative (as was your set).

    Thanks for the sensory trip, Michael. It made my morning.

  7. Loved the video clip. Great performance.