Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Some are more equal than others

Justice in Germany, February 2009:

I. A woman who had worked for 30 years as cashier in a supermarket got fired without notice because she allegedly peculated two empty bottle vouchers, worth 1,30 Euros. She said that this is not true - she thinks the company simply wants to get rid of her because she had participated in a strike. A court confirmed yesterday that the company had the right to lay her off in a case like this even though they could not prove their accusation.
(Photo © Axel Schmidt/DDP)

II. The ex-boss of the German Post corporation allegedly peculated more than a million Euros. He confessed part of the sum and has to pay back one million Euros. It is suspected that he has peculated much more than that several years ago but this is already time barred. He was also sentenced to two years in jail but only on probation. He will now leave Germany and reside in the Lago di Garda castle that he bought 10 years ago.
(Photo © N24)


  1. Thanks for posting this. I would say that I am boycotting Kaisers, but I already had been. I won't even return bottles there now.

  2. the problem is, that the working conditions an methods of the the other discounters do seem to be similar. by the way: which judge really believes that anyone with a sane mind is going to "steal" 1,30 euros (not even cash but in vouchers?) thats really ridiculous.

  3. Unfortunately blacklists are still alive and well in the UK as shown today's Guardian.