Thursday, 1 March 2012

Heart Mathematics

(Today's field recording of spring birds and geese slowed down to 150% length and pitch)

Spring comes like a huge wave, nothing can stop it
as if there is an invincible force wanting it to come.
That force is in the air, in the grass, in the trees.
Geese flying back to the north,
magpies building elaborate nests, working hard on it for weeks.
There is nobody wanting winter back.
The force of spring
is everywhere, it is in everything.

He keeps wondering as he slowly
walks through the world that is busy waking up.
An inexplicable preciousness all around!
And what is this thing that
is burning so brightly in his heart,
in the center of things?
A flame of joy that is almost
too much to handle.

Good to have loving companions who can share
the flames, throwing the fuel of their own love
on them as a wonderful gift, multiplying them -
shared love doesn't add but multiply!
These are God's wonderful
mathematical laws for the heart
too immense to speak about
no understanding necessary

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