Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Thousand Blended Notes

For those unfortunate souls who don't live in the countryside such as this, I recorded the walk I took today - click the player and you will hear half an hour of my steps in the muddy forest, stopping now and then to listen to the first spring birdsongs. The most prominent bird one could hear today is the song thrush ... their song is one of the most beautiful things I can imagine.

(here's the download link if you can't stream this)

People who grew up musically in the late sixties (such as me) might be reminded of Pink Floyd's wonderful song Cirrus Minor which contains lots of song thrush singing ... that bird must have been recorded somewhere in England, at this time of the year, 40 years ago.

This walk reminded me of Wordsworth's poem in more than one way. Well he lamented "what man has made of man" ... I only was somewhat put off by the incessant loud shouting of a group of kids who played right in the dense middle of the forest, the only place where the deer can hide during the day. Oh well. But then, they didn't know ... and of course, they are a part of nature too, no less than the birds and deer are.


  1. I'm really enjoying this walk as I sit at my desk typing yet hearing the countryside! great pictures as well Michael: my favourite is third one from the top.

  2. Beautiful... you look like messiaen! :-)